Growing our future leaders

In my job as Head of Business Support with responsibility for HR, I get the privilege of working with employees who develop every day and make NCC reaching the targets.

Some of our employees’ choses the career path from project engineer to site manager to project manager. Other employees go from jobs as site manager to work with VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) or from jobs in business area Infrastructure to Building or vice versa.

I have experience from changing career path from engineering to HR. At NCC, we have a culture encouraging learning and development. There are all possibilities, and we are constantly working to get employees to develop, both through the daily work in projects, and through on the job trainings and development programs.

One of these is Building Nordics’ Young Advisory Board, YAB. A few years back, I was a part of creating a program that aims to develop young professionals early in their careers, who have the potential to become senior leaders in the future.

During the program, the participants visit our Nordic divisions with a focus on visiting projects, sharing knowledge, and creating new experiences to take back to their organizations and projects. In parallel, the candidates are working on a task that will provide input to the management team and which each year offers new perspectives and development opportunities.

During the following year, you will have the opportunity to read about experiences from being a young professional in NCC from our participants in Young Advisory Board 2022.

Creating knowledge

As a knowledge-based company in the construction industry, our employees and their skills are vital. To succeed with our goals and manage the complexity of the construction projects, it is required that we have employees who are passionate about their jobs, who work together to achieve the best results, and who are constantly developing their skills.

Part of this is of course to attract new employees to the industry and to us as a company. We are constantly searching for new employees in all our Nordic markets who want to be part of NCC. But an at least as important part is that we have people who develop internally and who want to make a career within NCC.

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